Trusted quality, solid expertise

As one of the largest independent civil-law notary offices in The Hague with a long-standing history, Van Buttingha Wichers is a well-known name. Interested in joining us? Check out our vacancies.

We assist our clients in three legal areas:

Family Law
For generations, we have been a trusted advisor and consultant in family-law matters for many families. We can rely on extensive knowledge and experience in Dutch and international family property law. Additionally, we have sufficient expertise in the areas of inheritance and gift tax.

Immovable property
We have built up years of expertise in preparing conveyance and mortgage deeds for both private clients and the business market. Our services for business clients also include guidance in the acquisition of portfolios, refinancing, (modification of) division into apartment rights, transformation, and various other matters.

Corporate Law
We advise, among others, healthcare institutions, medical partnerships, franchise organisations, family businesses, multinationals (including oil companies and publishers), as well as national and international (non-)profit organisations.

Tailor-Made Solutions
Much of what we do is tailored to the individual circumstances, wishes, and interests of our clients. Our team is highly skilled and efficient in drafting deeds. Our advisory role is engaged and pragmatic, with accessibility and adaptability being essential. Our team is highly knowledgeable, efficient in drafting deeds, and well-coordinated, allowing us to respond quickly. We can act as impartial civil-law notaries, as well as your party advisor. Our advice and the notarial deeds we prepare always adhere to current developments and the latest laws and regulations. In an initial consultation, we assess your needs and identify the legal issues at hand. Subsequently, we make agreements regarding the scope and extent of your assignment, as well as the fees and other costs associated with the assignment.

We are affiliated with Netwerk Notarissen. Within this national collaboration, we work together with approximately 150 other offices in the areas of legal research, professional training, quality assurance, and business management.