Don’t we all want the best for our children? We provide them with a safe and sheltered home, we raise them well, make sure they get an education and try to give them the tools to find their way through an increasingly complex world.

What role does money play in all of this? The question that arises is, of course: how can we best transfer our assets to our children - the following generation(s)?

Dutch Taxes
Many people think that this largely involves trying to reduce taxes. Of course, taxes play a role, but opinions differ as to whether minimizing taxes should be the determining factor. 
Be it as it may, when you live in the Netherlands, you deal with two types of taxes when you transfer property: gift tax and inheritance tax. Gift tax is owed by the recipient over any gifts made by a donor during their lifetime. Inheritance tax is due by the beneficiary over what they inherit upon the death of a person. The rates of these two taxes are the same. Both gift tax and inheritance tax have exemptions – these are not the same; you can find the rates and exemptions on

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article by Yolanda Bokhorst