08 April 2020

‘Patchwork families’ are families made up of parents and children, whereby one – or both – of the parents has brought in a child from a former relationship. Sometimes these parents also have joint children.

17 October 2019

On 9th November 2019 the "IamExpat Fair" will take place in the Grote Kerk in The Hague.

19 September 2019

Don’t we all want the best for our children? We provide them with a safe and sheltered home, we raise them well, make sure they get an education and try to give them the tools to find their way through an increasingly complex world.

19 March 2019

Isn’t it wonderful when you meet the love of your life? And when you then decide to make it official, by geting married?

05 July 2018

As civil law notaries, we are often involved in the highlights, but also in the lowpoints, of our clients' lives

12 April 2018

On January 1, 2018, a new matrimonial property act entered into force in the Netherlands.

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