For generations Van Buttingha Wichers has been a trusted advisor to many families on (complex) issues of national and international family property law.

Our specialist team provides advice on the main property law consequences of family relations. We can draw up the documents regulating the legal implications of cohabitation, marriage, divorce and death, to name but a few.

Discussing and drafting prenuptial agreements, partnership agreements, cohabitation contracts, deeds of division and last wills are part of our everyday practice. We are also well-versed in settling estates, filing inheritance and gift tax returns, or acting as estate civil law notaries, executors and administrators. Naturally, we advise our clients on asset and estate planning, business succession and the tax consequences.

Van Buttingha Wichers notarissen has built up years of expertise in advising clients with property abroad and foreign clients with property in The Netherlands. Our specialists have a high level of subject matter expertise in the international laws of succession and international matrimonial property law. Usually we work together with specialists abroad.

Our specialists are increasingly asked to act as party advisors or to give second opinions.

Van Buttingha Wichers notarissen is a partner of the Legal Expat Desk and a member of Nederlandse Organisatie voor Executeurs [Dutch Association of Executors].